Video: Master Breathing Technique for Anxiety, Stress, & Pain | Dr Mandell


  • Our central nervous system controls the autonomic nervous system which is the system that makes up the parasympathetic and the sympathetic the sympathetic system is our fight-or-flight system when our body’s under stress
  • The parasympathetic system is a system that causes nothing but relaxation tranquillity that’s where we want to be
  • There’s a technique called paced breathing paced breathing is a technique that we’re going to breathe through our nose as we breathe through our nose for five seconds we’re going to let it out for about ten to fifteen seconds out of our mouth
  • As we let the breath out we’re going to be saying something each breath to get our mind to concentrate on what we’re saying to distract our mind-body connection you ever notice that the more you think about something and maybe you’re paying your ailment the fear the stress the condition always seems to get worse:
  • Breath in through the nose for Five Seconds
  • Exhale through the mouth for ten to fifteen seconds saying O-U-MMMMMMM-AAA (See Video For Demonstration)

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