Video: Dr Lucy Hone | The Three Secrets of Resilient People

Some Takeaways – From Lucy:

  • First strategy of resilient people: They know that when tough times come suffering is part of every human existence and they know that suffering is a part of life, and knowing this stops you feeling discriminated against when the tough times come
  • Second strategy of resilient people: Resilient people are really good at choosing carefully where they select their attention, habit of realistically appraising situations and typically manage to focus on the things that they can change and somehow accept the things they can’t
  • Third strategy of resilient people: Resilient people ask themselves “Is what i’m doing helping or harming me?”, asking yourself whether what you’re doing, the way you’re thinking, the way you’re acting is helping or harming you, puts you back in the drivers seat. It gives you some control over your decision making
  • The fives stages of grief: 1. Anger 2. Bargaining 3. Denial 4. Depression 5. Acceptance

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