Video: Know your inner saboteurs | Shirzad Chamine

Some Takeaways – From Shirzad:

  • Shirzad utilizes term Sage in this context, which is based on the positive-intelligence brain, which is made up mostly of the middle prefrontal cortex, ACC insular cortex and parts of the right brain
  • Shirzad utilizes the term Saboteurs in this context, which are based on the survival-brain region, which is made up mostly of the brain stem, limbic system and parts of the left brain.
  • You must learn to strengthen your Sage and weaken your Saboteurs, It’s just a matter of neurochemical science
  • One of the things Shirzad guarantees based on his experience is that you can achieve all the great wealth and success in the world and still feel deeply unhappy because of your Saboteurs
  • Shirzad’s list of 9 Inner Saboteurs are 1. Controller 2. Hyper-Achiever 3. Restless 4. Stickler 5. Pleaser 6. Hyper-Vigilant 7. Avoider 8. Victim 9. Hyper-Rational

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