Video: How to recover from depression | Michael Yapko

Some Takeaways – From Michael:

  • Depression has a biological component (genes and biochemistry, diseases and drugs) – how important it is to appreciate and have a multi-dimensional viewpoint yes biology matters but surprisingly not as much as you would think.There is also no depression gene.
  • Depression has a psychological component (cognitive distortions, history)
  • Depression exists in social context (social disturbances, distress, cultural influences)
  • What causes depression: As Michael indicates ‘The best answer I can give you is that depression is caused by many contributing factors (many many things), there is no single cause and likewise there is no single best treatment’
  • The best treatment or approach is the one that works for the person If we ask the question who overcomes depression and who doesn’t the people who find themselves facing forward (how do I want my life to be) who start thinking in terms of how do I want my life to be do better than the people who keep focusing on the past the unchangeable past
  • If a person is vulnerable to depression their alcohol intake should be zero alcohol
  • If there is a cure for rumination its action but it has to be timely action it has to be effective action
  • A goal without steps is merely a wish
  • If a person can’t sequence what they’re trying to do it isn’t going to happen
  • The goal is not to cure depression, the goal is to learn to manage a person’s mood

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