Video: How to change your behaviour | Dan Ariely

Some Takeaways – From Dan:

  • What is the basic insight we need to want to change our behaviour: We have to change out environment
  • What way is behavioural change the same as sending a rocket to space: 1. To reduce friction, we want to take the rocket and have as little friction as possible so it’s the most aerodynamic possible 2. To give it as much fuel as possible to give it the most motivation, energy to do its task (and behaviour change is the same thing)
  • What the story of “friction” tell us with regard to generic and branded prescriptions: That people hated returning letters (i.e. friction, small things really matter) and that by reducing the friction throughout the process that the majority of people switched to generic prescriptions in this example
  • In the example of saving 10 shillings at the beginning of the week, the method was called Pre-match (or pre-match or post-match depending on the method)

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