Video: Healing Trauma: New Paradigm Letting the Body Inform the Mind | Shauna Quigley

Some takeaways from Shauna from her experiences:

  • Shauna could see and understand in her process was these thoughts that were ravishing her head and her body, these thoughts that were dark and depressive and whispered of no future, these thoughts were coming from this emotional wound or core wound in her body, it wasn’t the other way around it wasn’t that Shauna was having these thoughts and having these feelings
  • It was the other way around it was that her feelings of the core wound(s) in her body were screaming, shouting and begging for her to have a look and the thoughts and the story and the detail that it was bringing out was only a reflection of what she felt, and what was important to notice that was that Shauna could see that it was coming from her wound (emotional) not the other way around and Shauna could also see that because she tried to change every thought or negative though by putting a new spin on it and hoping it would go away however Shauna experienced it would just come back in a different form
  • This emotional pain Shauna had in her body had a home, it had a shape, it had a colour

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