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To address some misconceptions of stage hypnosis i.e. the ‘Elephant in the Room’ in the context of Hypnotherapy, as you may know ‘trust’ is a key factor in successful relationship including therapeutic relationships, often than not the word or images of ‘stage hypnosis’ may conjure or cause certain associations or misconceptions whether gained through media or movies etc of manipulation, mind control or the hypnotist imposing their will on people, this however is not the case in the context of ‘stage hypnosis’ though it may temporarily appear to be this way. Participants of Stage Hypnosis cannot be forced to do anything against their will nor do things to breach their sense of values.

Some takeaways:

  • Participants of  self-hypnosis for temporary entertainment or ‘stage hypnosis’ are preselected prior to the commencement of the entertainment aspect of entertainment process
  • You cannot become stuck in self-hypnosis from stage hypnosis, nor mind controlled, participants are not asleep though they may appear to be, they can hear everything that is said to them
  • A demonstration of the power of focused attention (self-hypnosis) in the context of application of hypnotherapy or strategically guided meditation
  • The great potential to influence the subconscious (unconscious / nonconscious) mind in the direction for longer term outcomes you desire, especially when utilized in a therapeutic context such as strategic or clinical hypnotherapy or self-hypnosis
  • The contrasting differences between self-hypnosis for therapeutic benefits and outcomes, and self-hypnosis for entertainment

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