Differences between hypnotherapy treatments and free online hypnosis or guided meditation recordings

There is quite a vast difference between hypnotherapy treatments facilitated by a competently trained clinician and free online hypnosis recordings found online (i.e. including YouTube).

Primarily the differences may include:

  • Sourcing a free online self-hypnosis recordings can possess its own risks to the listener particularly depending on the content of the freely available hypnosis audio and also the susceptibility of the listener to participate in the process of trance or hypnosis. Possible or potential risks may include the listener being susceptible to an ‘abreaction’ without anyone but the listener to help them should this experience occur. An abreaction may be considered as a reaction or response the listener may encounter should they relive or bring back an unpleasant memory or experience during the process of hypnosis (self-hypnosis).
  • Freely available online hypnosis audio recordings are general in content and nature and not targeted to be specific to an individual listeners personal circumstances including the listeners working history, social life, personal life, hobbies and interests etc, whereby depending on the knowledge and experience of the hypnotherapy practitioner they may incorporate, apply and tailor the clients information provided during a consultation including personal experiences, client resources, experiential gaps and much more during the hypnotherapy session and audio for the client to listen to outside of their session. The hypnotherapist would also aim to reduce or avoid any onset of the abreaction process occurring and a trained hypnotherapist would be able to manage this process should it ever occur during a session.
  • The hypnotherapist can be assisting the client resolving their outcome before, during and even after the formal hypnotherapy process with the possible application of other helpful modalities throughout the session. This would not be available on a freely available general online hypnosis audio.

These are just some of a few of the differences between participating with actual hypnotherapy treatments and listening to free online hypnosis recordings.

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